About Us

The Solar Ranger Team is an undergraduate student organization with members from various colleges within Universiti Tenaga Nasional committed to delivering a high-performance solar powered vehicle. Founded in 2003, the team is advised by lecturers from the College of Engineering of several engineering disciplines. It offers an excellent learning experience for students, from freshmen to seniors. We design race vehicles from scratch providing us with a unique and enriching learning experience that fosters innovation and research. Besides being advised by lecturers our team members also work with industry specialists to face the great challenges offered by this project. Among our past experiences include the successful 2003 Solar Cycle which won first place in the Solar Cycle category. Team members share a common goal to design, build, test, and race a high performance solar-powered car.

Our goals:

Practical learning and leadership training for Malaysia’s next generation of professionals. Push technical limits to promote sustainable technologies. Inspire community involvement in working towards a sustainable future. Give our sponsors publicity through positive exposure and press coverage.